About Copenhagen Food Tours

The Copenhagen Food Tours is your doorway to the ultimate Danish food and culture experience from a local’s perspective.
We offer a unique eating experience. An entertaining way for you to discover the taste of Copenhagen. Our tours take you off-the-beaten path to eateries that offer distinctly local delicious food. In addition to tasting great food, all participants will learn a little bit of the history and culture of the city.

Our Teams

  • Owner of Foodtours. eu eating at Restaurant NomaPeter
  • MariaMaria
  • 5 Turists on the christmas food tour in Copenhagen with foodtours euthe customers

Our Goal

Is to show you where the nuggets are hidden. This way you can return to these, off the beaten path, neighbourhoods with the confidence to know where to go and take advantage of the wide array of food and fun cultural options.
We want to show you the best of Nordic foods, where the focus is always on clean, crisp and organic produce.

Our Story

The founder of Copenhagen Food Tours, Peter Rasmussen, grew up in Copenhagen. He has travelled extensively around the world experiencing a wide variety of foods and cultures. He believes that learning about food is synonymous with learning about culture -that through food you can appreciate a great deal about the way people live. To contact him please use info@foodtours.eu

The guides

All of our guides are passionate about food and history. The primary guide and trainer, Maria Beisheim, is a native of Copenhagen. She has a passion for food and culture and an unrivaled knowledge of both. For booking or tour related question please contact her at mb.cph@foodtours.eu

The Marketing Team

Currently the marketing is being handled by Maria and Anne Marie who is also handling the bills and invoices. For questions about your payment contact her at am.cph@foodtours.eu


We are always looking for qualified freelance guides in Copenhagen, if you would like to apply please send a mail to job.cph@foodtours.eu