Press coverage for Copenhagen Food Tours:

In recent years we have been fortunate enough to be visited by many members of the press. We have therefore been featured in several major publications and loads of blogs and other mentions.

We have made a collection below from some of the lovely people who have been on our food tours and decided to write about or film their experiences with us.

News media:

  • USA Today
  • Zeit
  • Norwegian Inflight magazine
  • Politiken
  • And our West End Tour was mentioned as one of the best foodie experiences in Europe in the Guardian here.
  • National Geographic even paid us a visit.
  • The Evening Standard segment was full of the mood of the season.
  • Here is a little video of Maria explaining our plans and goals
  • Lonely Planet December issue
  • Vogue India came on tour in 2019 and took some pictures.
  • Here is a piece in the Guardian about our vegetarian tour in Stockholm. Declaring it one of the best in Europe.
  • This spring we did a piece on licorice for the German news station ARD

Blogs and travel guides: